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Adult Formation.

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About Our Program:


"Adult Education" expands into a concept of "Life-Long Formation". This is consistent with and right in step with modern thinking by the Church about our mission of evangelization and discipleship. 

Adult Formation as Life-long Formation, spans our Faith journey, and all aspects of life become part of our faith formation. Each individual takes personal responsibility for his/her mature faith formation, drawing upon external sources of knowledge and internal sources of faith.  Faith Formation is a process, to support parishioners to ask questions respectfully, to explore together, to learn from one another, to inspire and support one another on this journey of faith. 

The vision for Life-long Formation connects with all aspects of our faith community including liturgy, ministry, and education. The development of faith-sharing, engaging the community in conversation about faith, developing discipleship are all aspects of adult formation. Opportunities for large and small faith-sharing as well as experiences of shared prayer and reflection draw on the existing programs and strengths St. Joseph's and connect them with one another in a supportive web of communal faith. 

Sherry Cassedy coordinates Adult Formation, finding resources within and outside the parish community to offer various programs. By including and empowering others to lead and to teach, we continue to expand the circle.


Sherry Cassedy

Adult Formation Coordinator

Phone: (831) 475-8211


Current Offerings:

  • Reflections from the Inside on Friday's @ 10am on Facebook Live.

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